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Region Map

At the August Retreat, NE DI Board Members have combined Lewis and Clark (previously the Omaha Metro area) and Twin Rivers Region to form a new region–MUDDY WATERS! This celebrates our state rivers! The combined tournament last year of these 2 regions was so successful, it was a natural fit!
Nebraska will have 2 regions going forward instead of 3!
Muddy Waters in the east part of the state and the Sandhills Region representing the west.
We are so excited!

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We’re excited to share a new research article titled “Superior Performance Competencies Achieved Through Destination Imagination.” This study, published in the Archives of Business Research, found that students who participate in Destination Imagination (DI) can:

  • cultivate distinctive behaviors that drive exceptional performance, and
  • be equipped with the capabilities to excel upon entering the workforce.

These are things we’ve been saying all along, but it sure is nice to see our claims validated! But don’t take our word for it. Give the article a read for yourself. Let us know what you think.


And if superior performance competencies are what you’re looking for for your students or children, then let’s talk about how you can bring this transformative opportunity to them


 Child Protective Policy!

Please review! Click below for link to DI HQ

DI Youth Protection Policy

 All NE DI officials and Team Managers will be required to have credentials (supplied by NE DI) and will be required to wear them at all times during regional and Affiliate Finals.

 Security will also be pronounced at tournaments as NE DI will be proactive in the safekeeping of all participants.


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