Fees will be paid to DI HQ when you order program materials.

STATE FEES will be paid to NE DI directly.

Teams do not have to be associated to a school district to participate in NE DI.

You can register the team as “Independent” and all other rules apply.

1 Step to Register + 1 Step for Team info


Purchase a DI Membership and obtain a Team Number for your Team(s) with

Destination Imagination ($165 per team)

AND NOW–you can add background checks!  See the different packages offered by DI HQ or we will offer our state background check option as well.

THEN  pay your Nebraska State Fees ($120 per team) to NE DI

Click below!

Click here to purchase team number

You must do this BEFORE advancing to STEP 2

THANKS! Questions on Step 1?

Contact Destination Imagination HQ at: or 856-881-1603 x 116 for help!


After you have purchased your team number and materials to DI HQ you will receive a confirmation of payment from DI HQ.  Next, pay your State Affiliate Registration Fees above via check or VENMO.

Starting on September 1, 2023 STEP 2 will be open for registering with NE DI at the website below!


September 1, 2023 thru January 15, 2024 the website will be live to finalize your team information:

Each school coordinator will be required to login to DI Resources page and add your team manager names and apply for background checks  Once this is completed, your team managers can log into the registration website with their credentials from DI HQ and accept the team manager Code of Conduct and also enter the team information: team members name, grade and age.  By adding the team member info, a link is also generated that is emailed to the parents/guardians.  When the parent clicks on the link, they can list any health concerns, allergies, etc.  This step is imperative to keeping our kids safe.  ***Remember–this step requires parent response so please do not wait to get your team completed.***  Appraiser information will also be required to be input, and a link is generated  by team managers/coordinators on the website so appraisers will also login to enter information and accept the code of conduct.

We have implemented this new registration feature to allow teams to be formed and finalized as the season evolves.


**All Teams must be completely registered with both steps  by Jan 15, 2024**

**Rising Stars**

Rising Star teams -Rising Star teams DO have to register on to perform.  An appraiser is not required for Rising Star teams so simply use your team managers name if prompted for an appraiser on your registration to bypass that field.  The team manager will not be included in the appraiser pool.

Cancellation Policy:

Nebraska DI and Rising Stars Registered Teams are not eligible for refunds or cancellations.

Appraiser Policy:

Appraiser Policy: updated 8/21/21

Nebraska DI requires each team to provide a minimum of (1) Appraiser to attend Training, and to participate at the Affiliate Finals Tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS!

AFFILIATE FINALS  will be held in person in KEARNEY, NEBRASKA or will be held virtually, as health and safety conditions are evaluated.

It is highly recommended that each team also have an additional trained, participating Appraiser.  This will ensure that our tournaments are adequately staffed.  Teams that do not provide a trained, participating Appraiser may be subject to penalty, to be determined by Tournament Directors.

All Appraisers must complete mandatory training as outlined each year-either virtually or face-to-face, if scheduled.

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to recruit at least one volunteer to serve as an appraiser for each team they manage.  Choose carefully as Appraisers will not be allowed to leave assigned post to watch any performances throughout the tournament day.  Appraisers must be able to turn off cell phone during performances–please do not recruit anyone that would be “on call” for their employment.  They are not allowed to leave during performances to ensure scoring consistency.  Appraisers must be able to join a zoom call via their computer for training or complete online modules.

All Appraisers must be finalized and registered by January 15, 2024 on registeryourteam.orgNO changes after this date will be allowed.  All Appraisers must also complete and pass a background check.

Mandatory Appraiser training will be held for each region after January 15, 2024 and prior to the Affiliate Tournament.  Additional Online Training information is available.  All Training details will be emailed to each Appraiser and announced on the website and our Facebook page.

If your Appraisers are unable to attend Mandatory training and complete online training, they will not be certified to Appraise at the Affiliate Tournament.

Teams that do not provide a trained, participating Appraiser for the Affiliate Tournament may be subject to penalty, to be determined by Tournament DirectorsNo Exceptions!

Please choose your appraiser(s) carefully; make sure they understand the appraiser is directly responsible for impacting the team if they don’t show up!

We have had to take these steps to ensure we can properly staff our tournaments and ensure scoring is fair and equitable.

Appraisers will be given credentials to wear at Tournaments.   Credentials must be worn at all tournaments and be visible to adhere to the Youth Protection Policy and Procedure.

Team Appraisers do not appraise at Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Rising Star teams are not required to provide a team appraiser.

THANKS! Questions?  Email