Sandhills Regional Board

Kim Bejot- Co Affiliate Director:  Kim has served as Nebraska’s Affiliate Director since 2002 and has been on the NCAPS board since 1997.  She started as a Team Manager in 1994 and happily managed teams until 2009.  She has seen tremendous personal growth in DI kids (and the adults who come along for the ride)!  Kim loves the Destination Imagination program and is always excited to start a new DI year, empowering kids to succeed in life!

Beth Bogert-Beth is a teacher and coach at Potter Dix.  She has been a part of DI for over 20 years.  During that time, she has been a team manger, an appraiser, and a member of the NCAPS Board.  She has enjoyed watching her 4 children participate in DI.  Per Beth “I have been lucky enough to take 8 teams to Global Finals in the past 6 years.  As a teacher and a One Act Play Coach, I see the benefit of DI in the classroom and on stage.  The kids who have been in DI have an advantage because they can see things differently and see every challenge as an opportunity!”

Schyler Schenk-Schyler has been involved in Destination Imagination since it was first available in his area.  As a competitor, his team made the incredibly fun and rewarding journey to Global Finals four separate times. After getting so much from the program in the way of critical thinking skills, teamwork skills and a community of like minded people, Schyler started volunteering; he has been a Challenge Master for four years, an appraiser for 8 years and a life long enthusiast.

Donna Robinson, Regional DirectorDonna started out in the fall of 1990 as a Team Manager at a small rural school in Holdrege.  At the time, she was the school secretary and all 4 of her children had competed in the program all the way thru High School.  Along with her husband, Dennis, they managed teams for 13 years and advanced to Global Finals multiple times.  In 2003, Donna became an NCAPS Board Member and Regional Challenge Master.  Donna  and Dennis added Global Final Appraisers to their duties in 2013, and have been going every year since then. Currently, she is the Sandhills Regional Tournament Director, Affiliate Challenge Master for Engineering (Structure), and the Pin and T-shirt Director along with her Board duties.

Twin Rivers Regional Board

George BlessingHello!  My name is George and I’ve been involved with Nebraska DI since the fall of 1993 after I graduated from High School! Prior to graduating High School, I participated in the OM program and went to Global Finals twice at Conestoga High School.  I have been on the Nebraska NCAPS Board since DI became a program in 1999/2000, and have been a Regional & Affiliate Challenge Master since 2006.  My degree is in Electronics Engineering Technology from UNL, and I work as an IT Systems Administrator at the University of Nebraska.  And, whenever I have “spare time”, I work as a part-time Announcer / Sports Producer at Flood Broadcasting’s B-103 / Otoe County Country in Nebraska City. I have very much enjoyed my time and experience with the DI program – DI is very beneficial to our children and is a program I fully believe in!

Roxie BoschultRoxie is a mother of 2 and grandmother of 6 and is an LPN.  She started as a Head Judge in the early 1990’s and then stepped up to Challenge Master for several years.  In the late 90’s served as a Regional Director to 2009.  Roxie came on the NCAPS Board in 2000 as a Board Member and has been the State Treasurer since 2011.

Johanna Nielsen– Johanna is a teacher and coach at Cross County Community Schools. Her involvement with DI started with judging in the Twin Rivers region and has evolved into a position on the board. Johanna loves the collaborative environment and creative outlet that DI provides kids. Currently, Johanna serves as Affiliate Challenge Master for Instant Challenge.  She is honored to be a part of such a unique organization!

Connie Powell-Regional DirectorConnie has been an NCAPS Board Member since 2011 and currently serves as Regional Director for Twin Rivers Region.  She is also the DI Coordinator for Cross County Schools and is also a Team Manager.  Connie became involved in DI when her daughter was a team member in 2006.  After attending her first State Affiliate Finals, her passion was ignited and she’s managed teams since 2009.  Connie loves this program not only for what it does for kids but for what it gives them to take through their lives.  Connie has 2 children and is the grandmother of 2 boys.

Steve Taylor-Steve became involved in Destination Imagination like most folks, when his child became involved. Steve started out in 1994-1995 as an assistant Coach/Team Manager for his daughter’s team. From there he moved on to Appraiser and then to Regional Challenge Master for the Denver Region in Colorado for about 15 years. Steve also served as an Affiliate Challenge Master for Colorado and finally as an International Challenge Master for the Engineering Challenge. In 2018 Steve retired and moved back to Nebraska where both he and his wife were born and raised. He wanted to stay involved with Destination Imagination because of the life skills it helps to teach the young people of today. Steve became a Co-Challenge Master for the Sandhills Region in 2019 and was invited to join the NCAPS Board in 2020. In 2021, Steve became the Affiliate Training Director.  Steve continues to enjoy what the program has done for the many kids he has seen participate, leave, and return to the Program as young adults and what they have accomplished in part due to the experiences and skills learned through Destination Imagination. It never ceases to amaze him as to what these kids can come up with to solve the Challenges when left to their own creative abilities.

Ashley WittgowAshley started DI when she moved to a new school as a high school student, participating for 4 years.  During high school, she was also an Assistant Team Manager for an elementary team.  She also stepped up to being an Appraiser during college. In 2010, Ashley joined the NCAPS Board of Directors and is currently the Director of Souvenirs and the Jar Raffle.  She enjoys getting to see many of the children while they visit the souvenir table.

Lewis and Clark Regional Board

Pam Ashley – Pam enjoyed managing her daughters’ Destination Imagination teams for over ten years and then had the chance to work with another team of Blair middle schoolers.  The teams embraced opportunities to compete at DI Globals and present at a National Youth Leadership Council conference.  Pam loves the opportunities that DI offers to our youth to develop skills in teamwork, communication, creative problem solving and community activism.  She now serves as the Service Learning Challenge Master, at the regional and state levels, and has recently joined the NCAPS Board of Directors.

Sue Jared Bauerly- Sue started OM in 1987 for Council Bluffs Community Schools as the district facilitator, in 1994 started OM for Lincoln Public Schools and in 2014 facilitated DI for Omaha Public Schools. Along the way, she has appraised at OM regional, state and worlds competitions, managed DI teams for five years. Her two sons, Michael and Kyle participated in OM from 1987 to1992. Currently, she is retired and will continue to facilitate DI for 2020-2021. Sue loves the creativity, team work, problem solving and thinking outside the box for DIers! Magnificent program for kids!

Scott Goodman Co-Regional Director/Co Affiliate Director-Scott became involved in Destination Imagination when he became a coach for his son Mason’s team from 2008/2009 through 2011/2012. He then coached his daughter Annie’s team from 2012/2013 school year through 2014/2015 school year.  Scott likes DI because it teaches the kids life skills, STEM principles, creativity and team work. He has enjoyed watching the kids grow.  Scott has been on the NCAPS board since 2013 and recently took on the role of Co-Affiliate Director for the State of Nebraska. He enjoys being able to volunteer in a program he really believes in.

Alissa Goodman-Alissa first became involved in DI as “team parent and cheerleader” when her husband coached their son Mason’s team, then daughter Annie’s team. As a parent of intellectual children that were neither athletic nor musically inclined, she has been grateful for their involvement in such a great program that allowed them to work on a team and be creative. She has always been amazed at the solutions the kid’s teams came up with in their challenges.  She joined the board in 2016 so she could volunteer with Scott in something that they both believe in.  Alissa is the Scoring Director for all tournaments.  She is also a Blair Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. In her “serious” part of life, she is the supply chain manager. 

Jack Morine Jack has loved DI since his oldest daughter brought home the DI flyer in 2006 and asked if he would be a Team Manager.  From 2006-2013, Jack was a Team Manager for both his daughters; qualifying all 6 years and attending 5 years at Global Finals.  During this time, Jack was also the DI Otte Middle School Coordinator for Blair Community Schools.  In 2012, Jack joined the NCAPS Board of Directors.  He has served as a Regional Challenge Master, Co-Regional Tournament Director for the Lewis and Clark Region and Past Vice President for the State of Nebraska. “My biggest satisfaction is seeing a group of kids take a pile of ordinary items and create something fantastic!”

Alicia WollesVice President-Alicia has been involved in Destination Imagination since 1999!  She has competed, appraised and served on the NCAPS Board.  Alicia has been a Regional Challenge Master and Affiliate Challenge Master for the scientific challenge since 2010 and currently, Vice President and Recording Secretary.  Per Alicia: “I chose to stay involved in DI because of what this organization has given me.  I know that I would not be the creative problem solver I am today without this organization.  This is my chance to give back and help future generations discover what they can become!”

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