Registration deadline is MONDAY, JAN 15TH

Thank you for your help!


Appraiser Training will be coming soon!
Registration will complete on January 15th and we will contact all appraisers directly with their training information!

Click below for the 2017-18 Appraiser Training Guide for any questions!!

2017-18 AppraiserGuide


 Pin and TShirt Design is in process for 2017-18 but do you have a great idea for next season?  Ready to design?  See below for some things to keep in mind!

See below for things to keep in mind!

Go to this blog and read the latest on how to design a great pin!

Copyright/Trademark Declaration for Affiliate Use 
The use of any Copyrighted or Trademarked art or logos without the written permission of the owner or organization on pins, shirts or merchandise is not sanctioned or condoned by  NCAPS-Nebraska Creative Association of Problem Solvers


Another great resource for your team:

Janea Dahl of Drama Notebook, recently held a workshop at the last Global Finals competition. During this workshop she was able to  meet with many different teams, and get an idea of some resources that  might assist them. When she arrived back home she created a really cool resource for DI  teams.  Click here to check it out: